INDUSTRIAUTOMATION International Industrial and Automation Trade Exhibition 15-18 May 2012 at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center

MARWIN will be advertised at the first full INDUSTRIAUTOMATION International industry and automation trade exhibition. This exhibition will be held from from 15 to 18 May 2012 at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center which will be a venue for the industrial branches that are closely linked to one another, along with electronics, electro-technology and communication technology fields that are the key technologies in all industrial automation areas, in their complex relationships and in their full extent.
The structure of the new INDUSTRIAUTOMATION trade show will be based on three pillars: one being the INDUSTRIAL FACTORY that is the factory automation exhibition segment, the second is INDUSTRIAL PROCESS that is the process automation segment, while the third one is the ELECTROcom trade show which is a focal element of the INDUSTRIAUTOMATION structure. This is a central link connecting the various automation segments.
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