Project Benefits and Objectives


Benefits of MARWIN include:

  • One simple tool: allowing any metal-working company to manufacture small sets of different work pieces of high quality
  • Tool manufacturers as end-users’ benefit: developing higher production speed and quality at lower prices
  • Increased production efficiency and competitiveness: consortium member SMEs estimate 10% increase in sales
  • Innovating production: boosting the move from an economy of quantity to one of quality and reduced wastage, integration into Just In-Time (JIT) logistics chains
  • Technological adaptation: replacing linear approaches by a manufacturing engineering strategy that simultaneously addresses all inter-related aspects
  • Modernised manufacturing: integrating new technologies into designs
  • Networked and knowledge-based manufacturing: using knowledge to optimise resources and processes
  • A supportive environment for employees: developing better solutions for higher skilled, more attractive employment
  • Access to robotic technology: allowing SMEs to be competitive with large enterprises
  • Energy, Environment, Health and Safety Use "green" techniques throughout life cycle of welded products. Address industry's concern for health and safety issues by reducing potential hazards such as burns, welding fumes, excess noise, electric shock, oil vapours and flammable gases



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